You Feel You Need To Find A New Home For Your Akita?

If you need to find a home for your Akita, please be aware that currently ARSF is over capacity. Your dog has a home with you at this moment and we MUST give priority to dogs that are already in Animal Control & County Shelters. We give ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to dogs in states who use gas to euthanize dogs.

We can not currently take owner give ups (UNLESS you adopted your Akita from ARSF*) as shelter dogs are already on borrowed time with no home. We are not trying to be callous or hard-hearted, there are just so many Akitas out there that are already in line to be killed and we have to give them priority.

* IF you adopted your Akita from ARSF, call Dorie at 904-398-5786 ASAP!

About Akita mixes: Please be aware that we ONLY take purebred Akitas or those that appear to be purebred without any obvious sign of another breed. A mix-breed truly does have a better chance at an all-breed rescue or shelter than it does with us as our potential adopters are looking for purebred Akitas.

FREE SPAY/NEUTER: If your Akita is not spayed or neutered we WILL work with a vet close to you to arrange to spay/neuter your Akita before you find it a home. Call ARSF at 904-302-3980 and ask about our Each One Reach One Program.

OWNER DEATH: IF you are trying to place a dog whose owner has died or become disabled with no way to care for the dog, you may contact ARSF at 904-398-5786.

IF you are the owner, please see our "Placement Tips" page to for help in placing your pet. If you absolutely are at the point that you can no longer keep your Akita, when you take it to the shelter, contact ARSF and we will contact the shelter and put the Akita on our wait list. This is NOT a guarantee that your dog will be taken in by ARSF, only that we will do our best to work with the shelter to give the dog more time and give us a chance to see if we can help the Akita. You should call our Director, Dorie at 904-398-5786 to let us know the name and phone number of the shelter you have taken the dog to and the name of the dog.

WE CAN HELP SHARE THE WORD ABOUT YOUR AKITA (even Akita mixes): While you are trying to find a home for your Akita, if you send us proof from the vet that your Akita is spayed/neutered, we will be happy to add your Akita to our "Available" Akitas with your contact information. We will need photos (a good side shot & a good head shot), a good description which included age, sex, how the dog is with children, strangers, other dogs and other pets AND your contact information. We cannot list your Akita if it has ever bitten anyone (please see below about responsible humane euthanization).

NOTE: By putting your Akita on our Available" Akitas listings, ARSF is NOT taking responsibility for your Akita. The contact information in the link to your dog will be yours & you are responsible. We do need you to notify us ASAP when you've found a home for your Akita, so we can update our listings. You can email the proof of spay/neuter, photos, description & contact information to (this email address is ONLY for this purpose - any other emails will NOT be read or replied to & will be deleted immediately.)

IF you are at your wits end about a behavior problem that is prompting you to find your Akita a new home, please go to our "Contact Us" page and call ANY of our volunteers. We may have knowledge and suggestions to help you work with your Akita to correct the problem behavior and make your Akita a welcome family member again.

IF your dog has ever bitten, is very old, needs expensive medical treatment or may otherwise not have a chance of adoption - PLEASE be a responsible owner & take your dog to your vet & be there by its side while it is humanely euthanized.

Just a note from an experienced Rescue Volunteer: I can not begin to tell you how many times I've been called by someone who has known for plenty of time that they may need to find a home for their dog (for any number of reasons) and all of the sudden they only have days to "get rid of it". That is not fair to your dog, any Rescue of any breed or for Humane Societies/SPCAs either. As soon as you think you may need to find a new home for your Akita, please look at our "Placement Tips" page and start doing the work to find your Akita a home, responsibly.

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