Woof Advantages of Adopting an AkitaWoof

There are advantages to adopting a dog from Akita Rescue. Most of the dogs are already housebroken and well past the destructive "chewing" stage. Temperament flaws, if any, are well established in the adult and are unlikely to change. Since the dog has been thoroughly evaluated before placement, the new owner will be unlikely to encounter unpleasant surprises. The same is true for the health of the dogs, since such things as allergies and congenital conditions usually appear before the age of one. All Akitas are already spayed or neutered and are current on vaccines. However, the new owner is expected to provide annual vaccines and heartworm prevention after adoption. Additionally, it is always wise to acquire any dog from a reputable source. Akita Rescue is well established and is always willing to assist the new Akita owner with any questions or problems that might arise during their ownership of the dog.

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