The Akita is a very ancient breed, tracing its history in Japan back more than 2500 years. In 1931, the Akita was designated as a Natural Monument in his native country and in 1937 the first Akita was brought to the United States by Helen Keller. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1973.

The Akita is very aptly described by Westminster: the breed's "proud heritage includes hunting large game such as bear, elk, and boar. This powerful and dignified member of the Working Group is renowned for courage and loyalty, but may not be tolerant of other animals. His luxurious double coat can include any combination of vibrant colors. Aloof toward strangers, they form strong family bonds. Highly intelligent with a keen sense of humor, the Akita responds best to respectful commands and training techniques that rely on motivation rather than force. Strong-willed and proud, Akitas are not receptive to abusive methods."

The Akita is a large, powerful dog, with some males weighing over 100 pounds. Natural guard dogs and aloof by nature, most are still very tolerant of children. Akitas are alert and responsive (though very rarely hyperactive), and sometimes become lethargic in hot weather - which also heralds one of the times of year they shed their soft, fluffy undercoat all over your house (think miniature tumbleweeds). One should keep in mind that these dogs, though all of one breed, have personalities as individual as you and me. One of the greatest advantages to getting your Akita from our organization is that its temperament will have already been evaluated - within reason, we can tell you if a specific dog doesn't like cats, for example. The potential owner should always keep in mind that any large breed of dog can be a potential danger if mistreated or not properly trained, and must commit him or herself to the proper care and training of his or her new family member. The Akita is usually docile, quiet, and needs only a moderate amount of exercise. Fiercely loyal, the Akita prefers human company to that of other animals and is not happy when separated from his family.

These wonderful dogs, though not for everyone, are just what many people are looking for (tumbleweeds and all)!

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