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Thank you for the overwhelming interest we've received from Akita owners and breeders who wish to become a part of the AKITA COACH program.Becoming a COACH is simple, but will require commitment on your part.

Step One: Send an email to cmoneyarsf@gmail.com, requesting an AKITA COACH Kit. Please include your mailing address and phone number.

Step Two: When you receive your kit in the mail, sign and return the agreement in the self addressed, stamped envelope provided. Read over the AKITA COACH GUIDE to familiarize yourself with the content.

Step Three: Seek out local resources which could be helpful to Akita owners in your area who contact you for assistance. These might include vets, trainers, spay/neuter clinics and shelters. Drop a card by to these folks and introduce yourself. Use the enclosure in your GUIDE to keep a dynamic list for your area. We purposely did not provide resources for you, since many times, the best ones are right in your own backyard! Step Four: Join the AKITA COACH Facebook page, where ideas and issues can be shared with other COACHES.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert to become a COACH?

Absolutely not! You simply must be able to read the GUIDELINES and follow them. Most of what you do will be LISTENING, determining which resources are needed, and referring Akita owners to those resources.

Is AKITA COACH a rescue program?

No. You are not expected to perform any kind of rescue. If rescue is needed, which should be a last resort, familiarize yourself with the nearest rescue programs and refer the owner to those organizations.

Can I get in trouble for giving the wrong advice?

No. The GUIDE is very specific when it instructs COACHES to advise owners to seek professional help. You are not expected to know the answers, but to be able to seek out the experts who do. Please consider becoming a COACH. In many areas of the country, there is nowhere for an Akita owner to turn when faced with problems. These owners feel isolated and confused when trying to find solutions. Your guidance could mean the difference between a well adjusted Akita and one that takes up space in a public shelter simply waiting for death.

Thank you,

Dorie Sparkman arsf@juno.com (904)302-3980

Carole Money cmoneyarsf@gmail.com (904)318-5120


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