Akita Club of America Recuse Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics is established under the authority of the Akita Club of America Rescue Committee

(Known here afterward as the ACARC) and is intended to establish guiding principles and minimum standards of practice to which the ACARC would have Akita Rescuers adhere. Each rescuer applying to receive rescue funding from ACARC must sign the Code of Ethics, which will be held by the Secretary of ACARC. It is presented as a set of principles for Akita Rescue groups to follow when proceeding with the care and placement of unwanted Akitas.


A) I will fully educate all potential adopters about the advantages, disadvantages and responsibilities of owning an Akita, as well as provide them with resources to further their knowledge. I will stand by ready to act as an informational resource for the life of the adopted Akita.

B) Additionally, I will educate and assist all Akita owners, potential owners or the general public seeking information on the breed, or seeking help in dealing with their Akita with the intention of preventing that dog from becoming a problem for them or their community.

C) I will always conduct my rescue activities so as to present the Akita breed in a positive and honest manner.

D) I will advocate voluntary spay/neuter.


A) Any dog coming into rescue will be evaluated by a knowledgeable person.

B) I will inform potential new owners of any known issues, such as intolerance of other dogs, cats, children, etc., in any Akita they are considering adopting.

C) After proper evaluation, if an Akita has health or temperament issues which render him/her unsuitable for adoption, I will not attempt to find placement for that dog. Furthermore, I will consider quality of life, and euthanize when necessary in a safe and humane manner.


A) I will provide appropriate care for each Akita including, but not limited to, comfortable shelter and confinement, exercise, socialization, appropriate diet, health and temperament screening, parasite control, vaccines and treatment for any injury or hereditary defect causing pain or distress.

B) I will make sure any foster home used by my rescue follows the same high standards for fostering and will make any facility used by rescue available for inspection if so required by the ACARC.


A) All Akitas prior to placement will be: - current on vaccinations, tested for regionally appropriate vector-borne diseases, have a treatment plan in place for any detected diseases, - be permanently identified by microchipping or tattoo, - maintained on appropriate parasite control (heartworm and flea/tick preventative and dewormed for intestinal parasites as needed), - spayed/neutered.

B) If any of these are precluded by temporary health condition(s) as documented by veterinary records, a date should be set to complete the appropriate care and spay/neuter.

C) If a permanent health condition precludes spay/neuter, it must be documented by veterinary records, and the placement should be of such known parameters that the chance of unwanted reproduction is negligible.

D) Any rescue placing an intact dog should notify the rescue committee of this situation in order to address any complaints to the committee E) I will give all adopters copies of the Akita's health records and will thoroughly discuss any health concerns with them.

F) I will keep myself well-informed in the field of Akita health issues and deal responsibly with health conditions when they arise.

5. RECORD KEEPING A) I will use all proper paperwork when doing Akita rescue, including an adoption contracts, adoption applications and a surrender forms.

B) Contracts for adoption will include, but not be limited to, the following provisions: - the Akita will be returned to the rescue if the owner can no longer keep it; - the Akita cannot be used for fighting or as an attack dog or trained as a guard dog, - the Akita will be an inside pet only, and - the potential owner agrees to follow certain rules of health, nutrition and training.

C) Adoption applications should include but not be limited to: - personal and veterinary references,
- house visits when required, and
- household member information.

D) Surrender forms should include but not be limited to:
- proof of ownership,
- all health, training and nutrition information on Akita being surrendered , and
- a statement saying once the form is signed by the owner, all rights to said Akita are now ended and the Akita becomes sole property of the Akita Rescue.

6. QUALIFICATION OF NEW OWNERS A) I will refuse to consider adoption to a person who I have reason to believe has been or is involved in the following:
- the commercial pet trade,
- is guilty of animal cruelty or neglect,
- has habitually chained a dog outside or
- has ever abandoned an animal in the past.

B) I will thoroughly investigate each potential adopter to determine the suitability of the dog chosen for adoption, bearing in mind that the decisions I make affect not only myself, but the reputations of other Akita rescuers and the future of the Akita breed.


A) I accept the responsibility for the well-being of every Akita rescued by me for the life of that dog, and will accommodate any dog placed by me whose owners are unwilling or unable to care for it.

B) I have made provision for my returned Akitas through the use of a will, power of attorney or other appropriate arrangement in the event that I am unable to meet my obligations.


A) I agree to carry out my rescue activities in a professional, positive, cooperative, and considerate manner, so that my representation brings credit to my own Rescue and other ethical Rescues or rescuers.

B) At no time will I use Akita Rescue as a means to make any personal profit, allow Akita Rescue to be a profit-making organization for anyone's personal gain and will always conduct Akita Rescue as a not-for-profit endeavor.


A) I will make every reasonable effort to stay abreast of existing or proposed regulation and legislation, such as BSL, which may impact the owner, or potential owner, of any dog I might place.

B) It is my duty to inform owners and potential owners of these regulations, so that they might make a considered decision about accepting a placement.


I understand that the ACARC is not a policing agency. However, if the ACARC receives complaints about me I understand that these complaints must be responded to. The ACARC may designate one or more Committee members or others to investigate the complaint. If the ACARC determines that I violated or did not abide by the COE, I will be removed temporarily or permanently from the ACARC's list as a rescue contact and if permanently, any and all association with the ACARC will cease. I further understand that there is no appeal process and the decision of the ACARC is final.

My rescue focus is on doing what is in the best interests of the Akita, both as a breed or an individual dog. To this end, I affirm that I will, to the best of my ability, follow the ACARC's Code of Ethics. If I fail to do so, I understand and accept ACARC's Complaints and Violations procedures.

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