Piper Tribute


When this fellow came to live here as a 2 year old in 2003, we wondered why his name was Viper and changed it to Piper. As we got to know him better.....his nickname became Piper the Viper. And that is why he was still with us when he went to the Bridge in my arms today. He gradually came to love some of the ARSF volunteers, but you could never quite trust him to feel the same way each day. One thing he never ever waivered about was his joy in playing with tennis balls. He would retrieve 2 or 3 at a time......as many times as you'd throw them. Never a sick day in his life until 3 days ago when he began to show signs of weakness in his rear legs. Then last night, he totally collapsed. Not one to hold onto very old seniors when they are clearly very ill, Piper and I took one last ride this morning. We will miss you, Piper Man!