Joker - 11/1998 - 4/2012

We adopted Joker and his brother Ace from ARSF in 2006. We asked
Dorie if she had two dogs that were inseparable we would be happy
to take them. When she e-mailed the pictures of "The Boys", that was
it for us and the beginning of our wonderful journey.

Joker lived 14 years and his name suited him. He was the smartest dog we have ever encountered. He was a great older brother to Ace and never let him forget who was boss. He always seemed to have something cooking and was the king getting his brother into mischief as if to say,"it wasn't me it was Ace". He would oblige his brother in lets destroy the toy play although he was more the intellectual type.

He loved to go camping, cruising on the house boat and a good audience for our weekly band practices although he would leave the room on some not so rehearsed tunes, that's how we knew "back to the drawing board".

Although Joker's body has gone his spirit will live on with us and his brother. We are blessed with many wonderful memories too many to tell here. This is our second set of Akita's and we can't imagine a more wonderful breed of dog to share our lives with. The joy, love and intuition this breed demonstrates is remarkable.

The end was tough as it always is but we rest easy in knowing he was ready to let go and let us know as if to lessen the heart ache of "that time". Joker will remain in our hearts forever. He was truly a special friend and companion to his family. We wish to thank God & Dori for our paths crossing and bringing more joy into our lives.