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Bear and Crew Photo

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Bear Beeson
Kuro-Kuma Beeson
Erica & Keith Beeson
Richmond Hill,GA

We adopted Kuro Labor Day 2013. At that time, he was known as Cruz and was in a foster just outside of Charleston, SC. My husband, Keith, was deployed to Afghanistan and had agreed to a 4th dog IF and ONLY IF my Bear got along with them.

A little insight on our "pack"- Bear was adopted in 2007 and was our first dog as a couple. We are a military family, and just before our PCS to Georgia, we rescued Brutus (black lab) from being abandoned because his owner was unable to care for him. Just a year later, we found ourselves helping another couple find their first dog, which brought us to Scarlett. August 2012, our world sort of crashed when we learned that our Bear had cancer, and wasn't given a great prognosis. The next year was full of surgery, chemo, and living Bear's life to the fullest- he had done well with the treatment.

Labor Day 2013, the 4 of us packed into my husband's car and made a visit to Mr. Branton in Charleston. I didn't get my hopes up, Bear had the tendency to be a jerk towards other dogs. We brought Brutus out of the car first, and they hit it off. Next was Scarlett- friends. Finally, it was up to Bear- would Cruz be going, or would Bobby have to find another family for him.... Bear liked him!!!

We probably looked ridiculous driving down 95- this crazy lady and 4 dogs. Cruz adjusted well, but after interacting with him, I found him to be much like my Bear. We decided to change his name to Kuro-Kuma "black bear". On September 22nd 2013, my Bear lost his battle to cancer. The timing with bringing Kuro into our lives couldn't have been more perfect. Kuro has been a great addition to the Beeson family :)

I am more than appreciative of what Dorie and all of her helpers do for these Akitas.